Last night, Marvel's The Avengers held its world premiere in Hollywood, in advance of its theatrical release May 4. I was one of the lucky few (hundreds) in attendance last night, and I, like seemingly everyone else, absolutely loved director Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble. While my full review is under embargo for now, lets take a look at some of the reactions from my colleagues and others who attended last night's premiere, which was held at both the El Capitan Theater and the Grauman's Chinese Theater. Yes, the premiere was so big it had to be held in TWO theaters!

Dave Karger, Entertainment Weekly

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Dave Karger Avengers Tweet
"The #Avengers is sprawling and fun, if a bit long. All the heroes mesh remarkably well. Though @clarkgregg just about steals it."

Jeremy Smith, Ain't It Cool News

Jeremy Smith The Avengers Tweet
"The Avengers. Finally, a Marvel film with a rousing finish. I'll deal with the first two acts in my review."

Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World)

Edgar Wright The Avengers Tweet
"The Avengers is a big tub of popcorn heaven. A huge grin on my face throughout and much applause from the crowd too. Well done Mr. Whedon."

Damon Lindelof (Lost)

Damon Lindelof The Avengers Tweet
"The Hulk we have been waiting for has at last arrived. #AvengersFuckYeah"

Seth Green (Robot Chicken)

Seth Green The Avengers Tweet
"So that was AMAZING. Like, double plus awesome. Thank you Joss Whedon for giving us all the #Avengers movie we deserve. #OnlyYou"

And finally...

Brian Gallagher, MovieWeb

Brian Gallagher's The Avengers Tweet
"The Avengers was amazing! I would have said so last night, but I wanted to sleep first to make sure I wasn't dreaming about its awesomeness."