Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play a deadly assassin in the upcoming Netflix action-thriller Kate, and after seeing some first look photos of Kate, fans are getting some serious Ellen Ripley vibes. Originally played by Sigourney Weaver in the first four Alien movies, Ripley is one of the most iconic characters in cinematic history and it's almost unimaginable to picture anyone else in the role. Even so, the Kate photos have left many convinced that Winstead fits the bill for a potential Alien remake.

"Petition to reboot the Alien franchise with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ellen Ripley, sign below," one optimistic fan tweeted.

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"I still hold the idea that if an Alien remake was made, Mary Elizabeth Winstead would be the perfect Ripley," another tweet reads.

Including one of the Kate photos with Winstead looking a lot like old school Ripley, another fan said, "Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a still from her new movie AND her official bid for any 'Young Ripley' movies being planned."

"So if they rebooted the Alien franchise with a new Ellen Ripley I elect Mary Elizabeth Winstead. #IWouldntBeMad," reads another post.

Meanwhile, other fans would like to see the Alien continuity keep Weaver as a part of the universe by instead having Winstead instead playing Amanda Ripley, Ellen's daughter who serves as the playable character in the hit game Alien: Isolation. After seeing the Kate photos, one fan said, "This looks great! Also I would love to see a new Alien movie with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Amanda Ripley."

Looking at these still shots of Mary Elizabeth Winstead's new movie Kate makes me hope she's the new lead in an Alien film. She could perfectly play Amanda Ripley or a new wholly original character for the Alien franchise," says someone else.

Writer Ethan Anderson tweeted: "I know it would be a lazy way to do an #Alien sequel that probably wouldn't jibe with the mythology, but Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the daughter of Ellen Ripley would be amazing."

And another fan says, "I'm getting major Ellen Ripley vibes from this shot of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in her new assassin flick Kate - especially with the gun. Maybe an Alien: Isolation flick with her as an all-together different Ripley?"

As of now, there are no plans to develop an Alien remake with another actress in the role of Ellen Ripley, and the same can be said for an Alien: Isolation movie about her daughter Amanda. That doesn't mean that there's no chance that such a thing could happen with the future of the franchise remaining uncertain. There have long been rumors of Weaver coming back as Ripley in an Alien V. Ridley Scott has also spoken about making another Alien prequel, which could theoretically include someone like Winstead as a younger Ripley.

The future of Alien will unfold soon enough, but until then, fans can check out Winstead taking on another badass role by watching the upcoming movie Kate, due to arrive on Netflix this fall. You can also see what fans are saying about Winstead and her look over on Twitter.