RLJE Films has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming thriller Mary. The movie stars Oscar-winner Gary Oldman, who is one of those actors that has had such an amazingly varied career that has seen him play virtually every type of character in every type of movie imaginable. This time around, we get to see Oldman lending his talents to a supernatural horror flick, which takes place almost entirely on a boat.

The trailer kicks off with Gary Oldman as a man who is trying to start a new chapter of his life. A chapter that involved buying an old boat and sailing around the world happily ever after with his family. Things devolve rather quickly when they're out on the water as the family's youngest daughter conjures up an imaginary friend and begins acting very strange. As it turns out, this boat has something of a troubled history and everyone aboard is subjected to some terrifying happenings. One particular line from the trailer rather succinctly describes the very specific kind of horror on display here.

"The thing about boats is that there's nowhere to run."

This comes from director Michael Goi and writer Anthony Jaswinski. Goi, for his part, doesn't have a ton of experience directing features. He does, however, have a great deal of experience directing prestige TV, having worked on shows such as American Horror Story, Empire and Swamp Thing. Goi has also served as a cinematographer on more than 70 projects. Jaswinski, meanwhile, penned the shark flick The Shallows, which starred Blake Lively. So the content of Mary seems right up both of their alleys.

Mary centers on David ( Gary Oldman), a struggling blue-collar man hoping to provide his family with a better life. David becomes mysteriously drawn to an abandoned ship that happens to be up for auction. He buys the boat on an impulse with the belief it can be the ticket to his family's happiness. Not long after they set off on their maiden journey, strange and terrifying events begin to make life difficult for David and his family. As a result, they begin to turn on one another and question their own sanity. Tensions are high as the ship is set off course, and it becomes terrifyingly obvious that they are being pulled toward a greater evil out at sea.

Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom) joins Gary Oldman in the cast. The movie is set to hold its premiere at Fright Fest in the U.K. on August 24. The rest of us will be able to see it when it arrives in theaters and on VOD on October 11. On that date, it will be going up against director Ang Lee's sci-fi/action flick Gemini Man, which stars Will Smith, as well as the new animated take on The Addams Family. Be sure to check out the Mary trailer from the RLJE Films YouTube channel for yourself.