Yondu might be dead, but his spirit lives on. One of the most popular lines from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had him boldly proclaiming, 'I'm Marry Poppins, ya'll.' Now, that is being realized in realtime as Yondu gets added to a promotion website for Mary Poppins Returns in Pakistan.

At the time Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was released, there were quite a number of memes going around that turned Yondu into Mary Poppins. Now Michael Rooker joins Emily Blunt in helping to sell the movie overseas. And it's pretty funny. Though, we have to imagine that moviegoers in Pakistan who skipped out on Guardians 2 will be bewildered and confused by his presence here. And they may even be a little upset when the big blue guy fails to show up in the long-awaited sequel.

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Yondu is a space mercenary within the MCU, and Star-Lord's self-proclaimed father of sorts. In the sequel, he uses his indestructible arrow which he mentally commands to gently float to safety. This imagery was vaguely reminiscent of the original Mary Poppins, which prods Star-Lord into making that infamous Mary Poppins joke. Yondu doesn't know the reference, asking if Poppins is cool. Peter Quill assures his father-figure that yes, she is very cool. And thus we get Yondu's now iconic Mary Poppins line.

It's easy to guess that the Mary Poppins joke was the most shared from the sequel. And over the years since the movie's release, we've seen plenty of art depicting Yondu in Mary's signature hat. Now all those online jokes are being used to promote an actual Mary Poppins movie, which is quite funny, if you're suave enough to be in on the joke.

The Nueplex theater in Pakistan is using a front page promotion that pulls art from Disney's Mary Poppins Returns. And just a quick click there will show you that this is very real. It's unclear if the theater is aware of what they are doing, or if it's someone behind the scenes just having a joke at the movie theater's expense. It's crazy to think that a Pakistani theater would be trolling its ticket buyers, but hey, this is still 2018, so anything is possible. It could also just be one big ingenious mistake that we can all enjoy now on its own merits.

When the first Mary Poppins Returns trailer was released, someone repurposed it, giving us a fan cut that replaced Emily Blunt's magical nanny with Michael Rooker's badass blue space cowboy. Disgraced director James Gunn, who was still in the mood to make jokes back when Guardians 2 was released, even shared a fake magazine cover that replaced Blunt with Rooker in his blue make-up.

There had been some talk that Yondu might return in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and there were even rumors, perpetuated by Rooker himself, that Yondu might show up in Infinity War, which didn't happen. Gunn later said Yondu definitely wasn't returning. That was before he was fired and the sequel was sent spiraling into purgatory. Mary Poppins Returns was released over Christmas Weekend and is a hit with both fans and critics, despite the absence of Yondu and his arrow.

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