Greek actress Mary Tsoni, who had a breakdout role in the 2009 indie hit Dogtooth, passed away at the age of 30 yesterday. The actress was found dead in an Athens, Greece apartment by her close friend and fellow actress Lewsha Camille Simboura. Here's what Simboura had to say in a social media post about her friend's passing.

"Can't believe I just found Mary Tsoni dead on the 5th floor. RIP. Sorry I didn't come sooner. Maybe we could have saved you. I felt guilty, as I watched James perform CPR. I should have tried to help you with your sickness."
RELATED: Nine International Movies Compete for Best Foreign Language Oscar was the first to find the social media post from Lewsha Camille Simboura, but it wasn't attributed to a specific social media platform, and it's possible that it was later deleted. No further details were given about the "sickness" that Lewsha Camille Simboura described, but the site reports that those who knew her said the late actress suffered from severe depression. No official cause of death was given, and it remains to be seen if an autopsy will be performed.

Mary Tsoni was born in Athens, Greece in 1987, but little is known about her childhood. Before starting her acting career, Mary Tsoni was the lead singer of a punk rock group called Mary and the Boy. She served as a makeup artist on The Northern Street and Roz, while making her acting debut in The Northern Street and Evil, both of which debuted in 2005. Her breakthrough role came from playing the unnamed daughter in director Yorgos Lanthimos' 2009 indie Dogtooth. She won the Best Actress award at the Sarajevo Film Festival, and the movie was a Best Foreign Language Film nominee at the Academy Awards in 2011.

In the film, Mary Tsoni plays one of two women whose parents have kept them locked up in their house for their entire lives. The parents promise the pair that they will be ready to leave the house once they lose a dogtooth.

After Dogtooth, Mary Tsoni starred in 2009's Evil In the Time of Heroes and a pair of 2010 films, Artherapy and Ta oporofora tis Athinas, which was ultimately her final performance. Nothing is known of her final days, or the illness she suffered from yet, or if she is survived by any family members. Hopefully we'll have more updates on the tragic death of Mary Tsoni in the days ahead, as the Hollywood community mourns another lost performer.