Go for the gold...fluffy! Christopher Guest's Mascots comes to Netflix October 13. Mascots is the new comedy from Guest, director of Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show. Starring many of his regular troupe of actors, this latest film takes place in the ultra-competitive world of sports mascots where they compete for the most prestigious award in their field, the Gold Fluffy.

The Netflix original film stars Jane Lynch, Parker Posey, Fred Willard, Ed Begley, Jr., Christopher Moynihan, Don Lake, Brad Williams, Zach Woods, Chris O'Dowd, Susan Yeagley, Sarah Baker, Tom Bennett, Kerry Godliman, Bob Balaban, Jennifer Coolidge, Michael Hitchcock, Maria Blasucci, John Michael Higgins, and Jim Piddock. The film was written by Christopher Guest & Jim Piddock and produced by Karen Murphy. Mascots will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September before launching globally on Netflix on October 13, 2016. Says Guest, who recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly.

"The thing that interested me initially was, here you have these people working very hard, some better than others, and yet no one sees them. They go home and they think of themselves as performers, but they are invisible."

Christopher Guest is best known in Hollywood for having written, directed and starred in a series of comedy films shot in mock-documentary (mockumentary) style. This series of films began with This Is Spinal Tap (directed by Rob Reiner), taking on the world of hard rock, which has gone onto be one of the biggest cult movies of all-time. He continued the tradition with other favorite hits Waiting for Guffman, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration. Christopher Guest also had a featured role as the evil six-fingered Count Rugen in the film The Princess Bride.

Mascots is the latest in Netflix's line-up of original feature films, and promises to be another big hit for the streaming service. The latest Netflix movies have been so popular, that they have given theatrical releases a true run for their money. Mascots arrives amongst a truly packed weekend in October, with Ben Affleck's thriller The Accountant opening in the same time frame, alongside the stand-up comedy concert movie Kevin Hart: What Now? Take a look at the first teaser, which arrives along side a poster introducing the cast and their crazy mascots. Will this sure-fire hit comedy keep you at home this Halloween movie season?

<strong><em>Mascots</em></strong> Movie Poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange