The madness for Middle-earth has begun and the internet has been dually infected. December 17th marks the release date of the final chapter in the film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings trilogy. In preparation for the fan-filled-fun-day we're going to be covering all that is Lord Of The Rings just as we have done in years past. Keep your eyes glued to the site for the latest happenings in Middle-earth!

Urban Cinefile has posted video and photos from the Wellington premiere of the film! CLICK HERE

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ICLiverpool has a ton of new photos from the premiere in the UK! CLICK HERE has their first reader review up! CLICK HERE is listing the trailers for other blockbuster films you can expect to see attached to that pristine print of Return Of The King! Riddick, The World Of Tomorrow, The Perfect Score, Walking Tall, and last but not least, Kill Bill Vol. 2! For the details, CLICK HERE

Looking to catch the cast and crew making their TV rounds promoting the film? have the full television schedule details! CLICK HERE

Ain't It Cool News has 4 reviews of the film up as well! CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, and CLICK HERE

Stay tuned Friday morning as we'll have our very coverage of the red carpet premiere from right here in Los Angeles!

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