A new Masters of the Universe Funko Pop! line has been announced. The popular toy company made the announcement at the London Toy Fair, which is currently under way. The first wave of He-Man Pop! figures were a quick success and the latest wave will certainly replicate that original success, while adding some special additions to the collection. One of those new additions includes a 10" Skeletor figure that looks pretty awesome.

In addition to the larger Skeletor figure, the new Masters of the Universe set includes He-Man with Battle Cat, He-Man by himself, Prince Adam, Sorceress, Tung Lasher, Sy-Klone, Mosquitor, and Webstor. Funko covered most of the well-known characters last time, so it was wise to dive into some deep cuts like Webstor, who will also receive a metallic variety that will be an exclusive to Hot Topic stores. There is not a concrete release date for the new wave at this time, but pre-orders are up with expected delivery set for June/July.

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Sadly, Teela was left out again. The previous Masters of the Universe set seemed like it would have been the perfect time to introduce her, especially since she received her own Funko Dorbz figure. Since then, He-Man fans have gone on to make their own custom Teela Pop!-style figures. This probably means that Funko will more than likely do another wave of figures from the franchise in the near future. Sadly, we'll probably see a Teela Pop! figure before we ever see the Masters of the Universe movie, which has been in development hell for years now.

While the Masters of the Universe movie doesn't seem to be in hurry to hit theaters, Netflix has two separate shows on the way. Kevin Smith is working on an anime version of the franchise titled, Master of the Universe: Revelation, while the streaming service is going ahead with a series simply titled, Master of the Universe. The series takes place on the planet of Eternia, as a young lost prince discovers the powers of Grayskull and transforms into He-Man, Master of the Universe. It will basically be an origin story for Prince Adam and He-Man as they go on to battle Skeletor and his army of goons.

Since Sony is having so much trouble with their He-Man movie, there have been rumors about the Masters of the Universe live-action adventure heading over to Netflix. This has not been confirmed, but it has been heavily rumored. Now seems like the perfect time to revisit He-Man and all of the wild characters that the franchise produced over the years, though the live-action element seems like it has been pretty difficult to develop. Regardless, the interest is there, as evidenced by the success of the Funko Pop! figures. You can check out the latest wave of figures thanks to Funko CEO Brian Mariotti's Twitter account.

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