The wait is over! On August 28th, Anchor Bay Entertainment unleashes season one of Masters of Horror, the innovative film anthology series that assembled the greatest practitioners of horror to create 13 unforgettable journeys into the unknown and the unnatural, as a complete box set for the first time.

Just like the series itself, the Masters of Horror: Season One Box Set breaks all the rules again! Housed in a specially designed "mausoleum," the box set contains all 13 DVDs from Masters of Horror: Season One Box Set -- each disc boasting 2 -3 hours of bonus features -- as well as a "14th disc" of all-new, never-before-seen footage including an insider's glimpse at the gatherings that inspired the series: a specially assembled Masters of Horror dinner with the Season One directors, taped at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle!

Winner of numerous accolades, including an Emmy and two Saturn awards, the Masters of Horror: Season One Box Set will be limited to 20,000 units - once the mausoleums are gone, there's no resurrecting them! SRP for this treasure tomb is $79.97 and pre-book is July 31st.

"We really wanted to give the fans something special for the Season One box set, as a thank you for their unwavering support of the series," said Mick Garris, series creator and executive producer. "We've always strived to make Masters of Horror something truly unique within the genre, far from the remakes and sequels synonymous with modern horror, and now fans can enjoy Season One in its entirety and as a single experience."

The Masters of Horror: Season One Box Set presents each episode complete and in its entirety, in anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1) and riveting Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Housed on separate discs, the 13 episodes each feature up to 3 hours' worth of value-added supplements, including commentaries from the filmmakers, behind-the-scenes featurettes, career retrospectives, festival interviews conducted by Mick Garris himself, still and storyboard galleries, trailers, screenplays (DVD-ROM) and more. The "14th Disc" - available exclusively with the Box Set - contains such never-before-seen footage as:

- Masters of Horror Dinner: Creator Mick Garris assembles the Season One directors at Hollywood's legendary Magic Castle

- Masters of Horror DGA panel discussion

- Fantasy Film Festival cable segment: Garris interviews Steven Spielberg

- Fantasy Film Festival cable segment: Garris interviews John Boorman

The 13 Masters of Horror: Season One episodes, in alphabetical by director:

Dario Argento's Jenifer

Steven Weber (Wings) stars in and adapts the shocking comic book about a modern-day Lolita, disfigured beyond description but possessing siren-like powers to enthrall the bodies and souls of men unfortunate enough to cross her path. Co-starring Carrie Anne Fleming (Good Luck Chuck).

John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns

A film collector's search for a notorious film leads to a cinematic conspiracy that stretches from life to death and from Heaven to Hell. Written by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan, this unforgettable look at the dark side of artistic expression stars Norman Reedus and genre fave Udo Kier (Rob Zombie's Halloween).

Larry Cohen's Pick Me Up

A battle royale ensues along a desolate road between two serial killers who prey on unsuspecting travelers. Caught between these two psychopaths is Stacia, (Fairuza Balk, The Craft) who will need to choose her ally carefully, lest she become another casualty in their deadly game of cat(s) and mouse.

Don Coscarelli's Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

Based on Joe Lansdale's short story and adapted by Stephen Romano, Incident pits Ellen (Bree Turner, American Pie 2), a seemingly defenseless young woman, against Moonface (John DeSantis, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World), a deformed and demented serial killer. Chained to the floor of Moonface's horrific cabin with his unsavory roommate (Angus Scrimm, the "Tall Man" from the Phantasm films), Ellen must marshal all her survival skills as she races against the clock to escape a grisly fate.

Joe Dante's Homecoming

The subject of intense debate ever since its debut, "Homecoming blends zombie horror and contemporary political satire with chilling -- and timely -- results. Terror and scandal grip the nation when dead soldiers rise en masse to have their voices heard one more time during the Presidential election. Based on the award-winning short story "Death and Suffrage" by Dale Bailey and adapted by Sam Hamm (Batman), "Homecoming" stars Jon Tenney (The Closer) and veteran Dante collaborator Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager).

Mick Garris' Chocolate

Written and directed by the show's Creator and Executive Producer, Chocolate concerns Jamie (Henry Thomas, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial), a newly divorced young man who inexplicably starts to experience brief and random sensory flashes from someone - and somewhere - unknown. Eventually, he discovers a horrifying secret that engages him in an erotic dance of death.

Stuart Gordon's Dreams in the Witch House

Adapted from H.P. Lovecraft's short story by Gordon and his frequent collaborator Dennis Paoli, Dreams spins the strange tale of college student Walter Gilman (Ezra Godden) who rents an attic room in a quaint but dilapidated building. When Walter accidentally uncovers the gateway to a parallel universe, he begins to suspect that he might be an unwitting pawn in a satanic ritual that demands the life of his neighbor's infant!

Tobe Hooper's Dance of the Dead

Dance of the Dead, adapted from the Richard Matheson short story, depicts a post-apocalyptic dystopia wherein re-animated corpses of former friends and enemies dance on stage at The Doom Room for the entertainment of the few that survived a nuclear holocaust. Robert Englund ("Freddy Krueger" from the Nightmare on Elm Street films) makes an unforgettable appearance as The Doom Room's twisted MC.

John Landis' Deer Woman

Blending humor and horror, Deer Woman stars Brian Benben (Dream On) as cynical detective Dwight Faraday who, while investigating a series of grisly murders, suspects that the culprit may be an ancient Native American mythological creature, bridging human and nature with deadly consequences. Written by John and Max Landis - John's son.

William Malone's Fair Haired Child

Starring Lori Petty (Tank Girl), Fair Haired Child spins the bizarre tale of a thirteen-year-old outcast named Tara who is kidnapped by a strange couple and locked in a basement with their teenage son Johnny. Determined to learn the reason behind the kidnapping, Tara forms a special bond with the boy, both of them hoping to survive the unrelenting night to come. Written by Matt Greenberg (Halloween: H20).

Lucky McKee's Sick Girl

Angela Bettis (Girl, Interrupted) plays Ida Teeter, a dedicated entomologist, whose only respite from her loneliness is her love of bugs. When Ida falls for the beautiful but mysterious Misty (Erin Brown), she cannot believe her good fortune. But is there more than meets her eye? Both genre and gender bending, Sick Girl tells the sad tale of a rather unique love triangle between two women...and the bug that got between them!

Takashi Miike's Imprint

Perhaps the most controversial of all the Season One episodes. Banned from broadcast due to its' visual intensity, the DVD presents the film exactly as intended by its creators. An American journalist (Billy Drago, The Untouchables) searches 19th century Japan for a love he left behind years earlier. Spending the night with a mesmerizing but enigmatic prostitute (Youki Kudoh, Memoirs of a Geisha), he learns the danger of dredging up old ghosts and that sometimes the sins of the parents truly are passed on to their children.

John McNaughton's Haeckel's Tale

Based on a short story by Clive Barker and adapted for the screen by series executive producer Mick Garris in association with horror legend George A. Romero. When Ernst Haeckel (Derek Cecil) finds shelter in a secluded cabin deep in the New England countryside, he's welcomed but with a warning: no matter what he hears outside, he must not leave. When he hears the cries of an unseen baby, mixed with horrifyingly guttural groans, Haeckel impulsively disobeys and becomes embroiled in an orgy of the undead. Jon Polito (Miller's Crossing) co-stars.