Kitty, kitty...

What do director Stuart Gordon, writer Dennis Paoli and star Jeffrey Combs have in common? Besides collaborating on the 1985 horror classic Re-Animator, they have now reunited to send shivers down our spines once again-- this time delving into the mind of one of America's most revered and mysterious writers! From the Emmy-winning Masters of Horror anthology series comes The Black Cat, premiering on DVD July 17th from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Directed by Gordon, co-written by Gordon and Paoli and starring horror icon Combs in an electrifying performance, The Black Cat is an elegant and a stylish thriller that propels the eclectic series into the unchartered realm of biographic speculation. Just what motivated the great horror writer Edgar Allan Poe to write such ghoulish stories and poems? called this episode "...a grisly but gorgeous gothic tale of terror," while declared it "very well-done...bolstered by excellent cinematography, great sets, obviously good animal trainers, and nuanced performances by all the actors." Accompanied by a litter of bonus features, The Black Cat on DVD is an unfurgettable excursion into the supernatural and the tortured artistic mind. SRP is $14.98 and pre-book is June 6th.


Edgar Allan Poe (Jeffrey Combs) is floundering. Suffering from crippling writer's block, he's deep in debt and when not taking to drink, he cares for his loving wife Virginia (Elyse Levesque) struck down with consumption. He tends to her, burdened with the knowledge that he cannot save her. But is it his wife's slow, agonizing death or her ever-present black cat that is steadily driving him insane? Unsure if he's been condemned to a living hell of illusion and insanity, Poe will either be destroyed or inspired to create one of the most famous horror stories ever written...

DVD Commentary:

- Audio commentary with director Stuart Gordon and actor Jeffrey Combs

- The Tell-Tale Cat: The Making of The Black Cat

- Bringing Down The Axe: Special effects featurette

- Photo Gallery

- Script (DVD-ROM)

Technical Specs:

- Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (1.78:1) presentation, enhanced for 16x9 televisions

- Run Time: 58 Minutes

- Rating: Not Rated