Super7's Masters of the Universe action figures from the infamous 1987 movie are on the way. The custom toy organization unveiled them during this year's International Toy Fair in New York City and they are insane. He-Man fans from all over the world are going to want these really bad, and not just because there are hardcore completists out there, but because these action figures look legit. Super7 put up with a lot trouble to deliver these awesome Masters of the Universe figures to the fans. It's also worth noting that Mattel was not involved at all in their creation or design.

First up in these incredibly detailed Super7 Masters of the Universe action figures is obviously Dolph Lundgren's take on He-Man. He is shown in the armor from the movie along with different weapons and another head, which features some longer blonde locks. It really is incredible how cool these new action figures look, which is made even better because nobody saw these things coming. Hardcore fans have made their own custom versions over the years and Mattel even put out their own action figures back in 1987, but they aren't anything compared to what Super7 has pulled off here.

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Next up is the Karg, who was played by Robert Tower in the Masters of the Universe movie. The original Mattel action figure for the henchman wasn't all that cool looking, but Super7 has changed all of that. New Karg looks pretty much how he does on the big screen, complete with his hook hand and an added blaster accessory. Out of the original 1987 toys, Blade was the only one that looked decent. However, Blade is not included in Super7's latest run.

And last, but not least is Frank Langella's Skeletor, who gets two Super7 action figures. A lot negative things have been said about the Masters of the Universe movie over the years, but Langella's great portrayal of the big bad is something that everybody can agree on. Super7 has taken upon themselves to create the regular version of the character, which comes with a staff. For some reason, the Skeletor figures look a lot cooler than the rest, even though they're all awesome.

The second Skeletor Super7 Masters of the Universe movie figure features the villain in his gold battle armor, which is shown at the end of the movie in the rather anticlimactic ending. Production was cut at the very last moment, so the end of the movie was cobbled together with the best that they could do at the time. Super7 is releasing the Masters of the Universe movie action figures next month and will be available to purchase from the Super7 site. While we wait for them to all go on sale, you can check out pictures and video of the highly anticipated action figures.