Sony's Masters of the Universe movie is currently looking for a director ahead of its production start, which was rumored to be this spring when David S. Goyer was attached to direct. While casting has yet to be announced, Channing Tatum was attached to the project back in 2013 when Jon M. Chu was at the helm, but that was over 5 years ago and the Masters of the Universe remake appears to be in limbo yet again. However, some new fan art imagines what Channing Tatum would look like as He-Man and it's almost perfect.

If the Masters of the Universe remake takes some direct influence from the original cartoon, Channing Tatum would make for a pretty good choice to play the campy hero He-Man. Some weird humor would fit the character well and Tatum can surely deliver that. Obviously, Channing Tatum can pull off the He-Man physique, which is just as important as the acting skills. We definitely do not need a repeat of Dolph Lundgren's version of the hero, which came off as pretty wooden.

The fan art takes the classic look of the He-Man cartoon and translates it to real-life with Channing Tatum as the hero. He's shown with his iconic weapons; a giant shield and the Power Sword as well as a battle axe. The look is based off of the Battle Armor He-Man action figure and it looks light years better than the look of the original 1987 version of Masters of the Universe. However, it does look different from the concept art we've seen of Teela in her battle armor, which makes sense since this is from unofficial fan art.

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Masters of the Universe still has an official release date of December 18th, 2019 but with the departure of David S. Goyer, it wouldn't be surprising to see the movie get pushed back yet again. Goyer left to focus his time on other projects and casting is still rumored to begin shortly. It has been reported that Sony is currently looking for a director to take David S. Goyer's screenplay and bring it to the big screen, which might be proving to be a bit difficult since so many names have come and gone over the years.

Channing Tatum might still be the best choice to take over and bring Masters of the Universe to the big screen again. The actor chosen to play Skeletor will be just as important and it will be interesting to see if they go the motion capture route or if they decide to an organic approach. Regardless, it might end up being a lot longer before we even see the Masters of the Universe remake. In the meantime, you can check out Channing Tatum as He-Man in some new Masters of the Universe fan art below, thanks to John Regan's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick