In news that should come as shocking to absolutely nobody, Sony has taken Masters of the Universe off of its release schedule. The long-awaited movie was supposed to hit theaters on March 5th, 2021, but it has been completely wiped from the studio's slate. The live-action He-Man movie has been in development hell for a number of years and it's beginning to look like the movie may never see the light of day.

Tom Holland's Uncharted adaptation, which has also been in its own development hell, will take the March 5th, 2021 release date. Masters of the Universe fans shouldn't get too discouraged just yet. Star Noah Centineo recently revealed that he is preparing for the role by eating a lot of food. "It's a lot of eating... You would think it's awesome but it's like, 6,000 calories a day," says Centineo, who is currently out promoting the To All the Boys sequel, P.S. I Still Love You.

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While some people would dream of eating 6,000 calories in a single day, Noah Centineo says it's not as fun as it sounds. He states, "As a person you're supposed to eat like, 2,000 calories a day... It's great, I'm not complaining, but, you know, if I'm honest, I eat so many eggs." To play He-Man in a Masters of the Universe movie, one is going to have to bulk up in order to look the part. Dolph Lundgren famously took on the role back in the late 1980s and he was ripped to look the part.

While the big screen Masters of the Universe adaptation seems to be in trouble once again, Netflix has three animated titles on the way related to the franchise. There's the new series which was just announced that will be joining She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation. There has been growing speculation that Sony is looking to completely dump the big screen project and hand it over to Netflix, which might be a wise decision at this point in time. Fans have been waiting decades to see a new movie and the streaming platform could be the right place for it, potentially turning it into a series.

It's unclear what Sony is going to do with Masters of the Universe, but as of this writing, it doesn't seem to be much. As for as anyone knows, the Nee Brothers are still attached to direct the long-awaited project, though it would not be a complete shock to hear that they have bailed since it has happened so many times before. There take on the source material has not been revealed, but Noah Centineo says there version of the script is "genius." The release date news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter writer Aaron Couch's Twitter account.