It is no secret that attempts to bring He-Man back to the screen in a live-action movie have been going on for so long that it seems like an Eternia since the cult classic Masters of the Universe featuring Dolph Lundgren wielding the power of Grayskull hit cinemas. While the movie was no masterpiece, it at least managed to make it to the screen with is more than other attempts by directors such as Jon M Chu and McG, who have both been attached projects, as have an endless stream of writers including Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, the pair behind Iron Man, Thor: Ragnarok's Christopher Yost, and Dark Knight Rises writer David S Goyer but all to no avail. How hard can it really be to bring Prince Adam and his muscle-bound alter-ego to theaters again?

As Kevin Smith's animated Masters of The Universe: Revelation hits Netflix, Goyer has recently been talking to the Hollywood Reporter, and one thing he touched on was his time playing around with a potential script for Masters of The Universe, which he said would have involved a lot more focus on the relationship between Eternia's hero and his faithful Battle-Cat.

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"I legitimately liked the script that we did. What I liked the most about it was that it was mostly about a friendship between He-Man and Battle Cat. The idea was there had always been He-Men and different recipients of the Sword of Power, and that Battle Cat had always served at their side. And this was a new He-Man that Battle Cat and many people didn't think was worthy of the sword. So it was a story of the character earning the sword but, more importantly, earning the friendship of Battle Cat, who just thought this guy was a lightweight."

He went on, "I really liked it. I thought it was a fun story. There was a lot of humor in it, and it creeps up on you because Battle Cat sort of grudgingly accepts him, and it's Battle Cat's acceptance of He-Man that gave this version of the story heart."

He-Man and the Masters of The Universe was originally developed by Mattel in the 80s as a way of selling their toy line. The series was a major hit for Filmation, becoming one of the biggest animated shows of the 80s. While the live action movie became a more adult affair and for many missed the mark by moving the action from the setting of Eternia to Earth, it developed a cult following that has only grown over the years.

Since then fans have been constantly teased by new word of an updated feature film coming and subsequently going, including the latest attempt which had actor Noah Centineo attached to star as He-Man for two years before he eventually left the project when it didn't advance. He-Man fans have however been given two new series' to look forward to on Netflix, with Kevin Smith's Masters of The Universe: Revelation arriving on Netflix today, while another CG animated series is also in the works, which will reimagine the old show with a fresh iteration of the much loved characters - and probably not in a good way as far as many fans are concerned.