Sony's Masters of the Universe has been pushed back to 2020. The news was inevitable since the movie had a release date of this winter and that wasn't going to be possible if production is really going to start this summer. It is believed the Nee Brothers are still attached to direct the big screen adaptation, but Sony has the director position listed as N/A for the time being. Hopefully this just means negotiations are still taking place in order for the cameras to roll.

Noah Centineo is reportedly starring as Prince Adam and He-Man in the Masters of the Universe movie, but that has yet to be confirmed at this time. Iron Man screenwriters Matt Holloway and Art Marcum have written the latest version of the script and it appears we are closer than ever from seeing the project finally get off of the ground. With that being said, Sony has not announced a firm release date as of this writing and we haven't heard anything in terms of casting except for the Centineo rumors.

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Masters of the Universe is reportedly scheduled to start rolling cameras this July in Prague. With that being said, it isn't out of the question to make a summer 2020 release date, if all goes according to plan, which hasn't been the case at all for the project over the years. The movie has been in development hell for what seems like forever and it has been close to almost happening more than a few times over the last year, especially when David S. Goyer was attached to possibly direct. Since then, it has been reported his version would have been epic and in the realm of The Lord of the Rings franchise.

He-Man fans have been waiting for a proper Masters of the Universe movie ever since the release of the 1987 big screen adaptation starring Dolph Lundgren. While the movie is looked at as a cult favorite now, it is far from a real He-Man movie and the production was riddled with problems from the start and it ran out of money towards the end, with the lights literally getting shut off. The movie ignored a lot of the cartoon and action figure source material, which was a big problem for a lot of fans of the franchise.

Since production on Masters of the Universe is supposedly set to begin this summer, we should have some casting announcements in the near future. However, we have heard a ton of reports about the movie starting to roll since 2007. So basically, we're going to have to wait and believe it when we see Sony give us a concrete and official announcement. Until then, it looks like the movie could still be doomed. The Exhibitors Relations Co Twitter account was the first to announce the Masters of the Universe release date news.