Earlier this year, the Masters of the Universe movie saw another setback as David S. Goyer declined an offer to direct due to prior commitments. However, it has now been revealed that Aaron and Adam Nee will step in to bring He-Man back to the big screen in 2019. The project has gone through numerous changes behind-the-scenes over the last handful of years, but Sony is still confident in the franchise and looking forward to keeping the December 18th, 2019 release date.

David S. Goyer wrote the story and will executive produce the Masters of the Universe remake. According to sources close to the project, Goyer is still very involved in the development of the project. Over the Christmas break, the writer/director shared pictures of some himself going over concept art and seemed pretty excited about moving forward. However, his schedule did not allow him to helm Masters of the Universe like Sony had hoped he would. Many believed the live-action reboot would end up on the backburner after David S. Goyer's exit.

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Aaron and Adam Nee directed the independent thriller Band of Robbers, which earned critical acclaim and put the brothers on the map. The directing duo have their work cut out for them with Masters of the Universe, but the studio is extremely excited by the story David S. Goyer came up with, so the directors will at the very least have a good map to work off of. Escape Artists' Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, and Steve Tisch will produce, along with DeVon Franklin.

He-Man was brought to the big screen back in 1987's Masters of the Universe, but the movie was pretty much unwatchable and bore little resemblance to the iconic cartoon and action figures that it was supposedly based on. The characters shared name, but that was about it. Instead of taking place on Eternia, the movie took place mostly on Earth and put Dolph Lundgren's He-Man in the middle of the 1980s, which was not a very good idea. The project also ran out of funding towards the end with original director, Gary Goddard, having to film by himself, without a crew to finish the last battle scene between He-Man and Skeletor.

As previously noted, Sony is keeping the Masters of the Universe release date of December 18th, 2019, which means that casting and production are going to have to start pretty soon. Previous rumors had the project starting around now, so it seems that a late summer start may be necessary to keep the original release date nailed down. Now, who will be the actor to step into the He-Man role next? That's the real question. Regardless of who it is, let's just hope that David S. Goyer's story stays true to the cartoon series in terms of characters and location. This report originated from Variety.