The Matrix 2 & 3: Cine Live recently reported some interesting things about the next 2 Matrix films. Thanks to Ain't It Cool for the scoop:

- Joel Silver, producer, says that "The Matrix Reloaded explains why and how some of the characters can literally fly in the air, the origin of their superhuman strength. In fact, the Wachowskis imagined this story so as to make a superhero movie."

- The bad guy played by Collin Chou is called Seraph.

- Monica Bellucci's character is called Persefone, "an evil temptress" according to Joel Silver.

- Lambert Wilson, a french actor, plays Monica Bellucci's husband and above all, the role of the king of the virtual world. One of his capacity is notably to program himself in the language he wants.

Star Wars: Episode 3:The official Star Wars site updated today with a look into the world of pre-production on Episode 3. A very interesting read if you follow each step of the creation process for everyone's favorite space saga. CLICK HERE for the full article!

Pirates Of The Carribean:Variety has reported that Orlando Bloom has landed the lead role of Will Turner and that Tom Wilkinson is in talks with the studio to play "The Governor". Stay tuned for more on this story.

Highlander 5: Thanks to a scooper at Dark Horizons a bit has come into the realm of the internet from some of the official people attached to the latest Highlander film:

"Greetings Highlander Fans ... First, we are excited to announce that the rumors are true. The story continues as the fifth motion picture is slated to begin filming early in 2003. We don't want to reveal too much but we think that "The Source" is destined to be a truly exceptional Highlander film."

Intermission: Check out Showbiz Ireland for a slew of stills from the new Colin Farrell drama Intermission. CLICK HERE Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.

Alexander:Dark Horizons has sought the truth in the ever surrounding mystery of the Alexander The Great adaptation:

"This is indeed Luhrmann's next project and Leonardo DiCaprio has "decided to play" Alexander. Baz's wife and Oscar winner Catherine Martin will be a part of the production along with many of the crew behind "Moulin Rouge" and "Romeo + Juliet". Dino De Laurentiis Productions and Bazmark Productions will jointly produce the epic which will be shot early next year (not a definitive January start as earlier suggested) with over 5000 soldiers and 1000 cavalry on loan for six months from the King of Morocco."

CLICK HERE for the full bit.

Smallville: Wanna see a teaser for the new season of Smallville? Well then, CLICK HERE

House Of 1000 Corpses:Bloody Disgusting has scored 5 new stills from the upcoming zombie flick. CLICK HERE to take a look!

Stay tuned for even more changes at Lights Out...~Brian