Heads up, sci-fi loves because The Matrix 4 just got a whole lot more interesting. Not that the prospect of this movie happening in the first place isn't interesting enough, but considering that little to nothing is known about it, any information comes at a premium right now. As such, knowing that the project is looking to cast an actor as a young version of Neo is intriguing. Not only that, but Warner Bros. and director Lana Wachowski are hoping to begin filming in February 2020.

This new bit of info comes from Variety report Justin Kroll. The journalist was recently a guest on a podcast and, at one point, the subject of The Matrix 4 came up. It had been previously revealed that Keanu Reeves was set to return as Neo, and it had also been reported that the studio was looking to cast a young Morpheus. According to Kroll, we should be hearing word very soon on both the Neo and Morpheus front. Here's what he had to say about it.

"Now I think within the next week or two we'll have young Morpheus and young Neo news coming up. Because I know Lana's meeting with people quite aggressively because they want to shoot that in February."

With that in mind, it could help shed some light on the plot. Long before the sequel was officially announced, there were abundant rumors that the Wachowskis were looking to possibly tackle a prequel set in the same universe as The Matrix. It sounds very much like The Matrix 4 will be heading back to the past, in addition to picking up with the same characters we know from the original trilogy. It's also worth mentioning that Carrie-Anne Moss is said to be reprising her role as Trinity as well. Does this mean we can also expect to see a young Trinity? For now, we're left with more questions than answers.

The real question becomes, who could possibly play a young Neo alongside Keanu Reeves? No actors have been named just yet, so all we can do is hopelessly speculate. The same goes for Morpheus, as no specific stars have come up. Though, it was rumored way back when that Michael B. Jordan was being eyed for the part before Warner Bros. officially announced that it was happening.

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What we know for sure is that Lana Wachowski is directing solo this time around, as her sister Lily Wachowski is not involved, at least not as far as has been reported. Wachowski co-wrote the script alongside Aleksander Hemon and David Mitchell. The Matrix, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, remains a landmark achievement in sci-fi cinema, even if the sequels didn't quite reach that same level, in the eyes of many fans. The Matrix 4 does not yet have a release date set, but we'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. For more, check out the latest episode of the My Mom's Basement podcast.

Ryan Scott