While The Matrix arrived in 1999 as one of the biggest movies of that year, changing the VFX game and becoming a true phenomenon, its sequels aren't as fondly remembered. It's been 13 years since fans sighed a bit of disappointment at 2003's trilogy ending sequel The Matrix Revolutions. And if you were hoping that Warner Bros. was getting ready to revisit the franchise any time soon, righting some of the wrongs the series made, as other long-awaited sequels have done, you can scratch that thought from your head.

Original Matrix producer Joel Silver has been making the press rounds in support of his latest movie The Nice Guys. And he candidly opened up about the possibility of continuing the Matrix franchise. It's not being planned at the moment. And it probably won't happen for a long, long time. So long, in fact, that we'll probably see a remake instead of a sequel. And there's a specific reason for that. Speaking with Loaded, Silver explains this.

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"We haven't talked about it yet. I hope there'll be a time we can do that at some point. That was very seriously designed as three stories and that was it, but we'll see what happens."

The Matrix trilogy arrived as one contained story. And we haven't heard much about a follow-up over the years. We're not sure Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne would be interested in coming back, but that's not for a lack of not liking each other. The two recently reunited on the set of John Wick 2, with pairs them up once again for another action-heavy sequel. And it might be the only Matrix reunion we're likely to get throughout the rest of this decade.

Though, as producer Joel Silver admits, a Matrix sequel or reboot could happen. In Hollywood, one should never say never, especially since reboots and sequels are the most popular film entities on the market. A lot has changed since the first Matrix was released just a little less than twenty years ago, with both Wachowski brothers becoming sisters. While they haven't had a hit as big as The Matrix since 1999, they have released a few cult favorites in the sci-fi genre including Jupiter Ascending and Cloud Atlas. They are currently working on the second season of their hit Netflix original series Sense8, which will debut later this year. They don't currently have any feature films lined up.