Okay boys and girls this one is going to be quick. After all I'm taking time out of my Attack of The Clones day long viewing festival to bring you a few very quick little tidbits and I only have so long till the next showing starts!

Matrix II & III: For the past few days we've been mentioning that the trailer for the upcoming Matrix sequels would be hitting theaters soon. Well, I've paid my money and seen it in the theater and now here's your chance to see it free of charge. Its really not a bad trailer at all. And let me just say I start drooling and twitching every time I start to think of the amazing year 2003 is going to be at the movies!

javascript:;|CLICK HERE for the The Matrix goodness!

Daredevil: When I first heard that Ben Affleck was going to be playing Daredevil in the film I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Everything I've seen though has begun to sway me to the excited fanboy side of things. What things you may ask. Well first off Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy, Clerks) said he saw some early footage and it looked amazing. The man knows of what he speaks. Second, all the set spy reports that have come our away have been extremely positive. An finally we have todays news, which I believe is conclusive evidence that this will be one hell of a movie. We finally get a look at the absolutely mind-boggling cool Daredevil costume. Wow!

CLICK HERE and see Ben Affelck as Daredevil!

Minority Report: Woke up this morning and found an email pointing me to these awsome new pictures from the set of the forthcoming Tom Cruise sci-fi pic Minority Report. I love it when people make my job easy for me! These are all very nice shots. Everyday I hear more and more about this movie and everyday my anticipation grows that much more! God I hope this doesn't suck like A.I.!

CLICK HERE to see awesome Minority Report shots!

By the way, I'll be putting my Attack of The Clones Review up as soon as I get back tonight! For now let me just say...it's gooood!

Now back to Attack of The Clones...~Bobby