The Matrix Reloaded: Producer, Joel Silver recently talked to Zap2It about the Matrix sequels:

"I think we won't even have to advertise the third film, we'll just tell people the date, and they'll come, the story is so fantastic."

"You're not going to want to wait for the next movie, so we want to release them as close as we can together," says Silver. "The cliffhanger is so substantial you will want to see it soon, and we're aware of that."

"The boys (the Wachowski's) wanted to release both of them in the same summer, but we won't have them both ready," Silver explains. "So, we'll have one in May and the next a few months later."

xXx 2: Rob Cohen recently talked to the UK's Yahoo Movies about his sequel plans for xXx:

"I have two scripts in development right now, One takes place in South East Asia and involves the Malaka Straits pirates and other things that go on from there. The other takes place in Washington DC, where I think our most colorful character will go up against all the gray men in Washington. And I can see mountain-biking sequences on the Capitol dome, things like that where, in a domestic context opposed to an exotic context, Xander gets to shakeup, well, George Bush and all that he represents."

Jurassic Park 4:The has transcribed an article from Scottish soundtrack magazine Movie Music Now (issue #11) which included an interview with one of the world's most renowned composers, John Williams. In the interview, Williams let the cat out of the bag that none other then Steven Speilberg himself asked him to consider scoring the fourth Jurassic Park film:

Can you give us a rundown of the film scores you have upcoming?

{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}WILLIAMS: Well, I'm certainly busy as ever, which I enjoy. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely in my future. Star Wars Episode 3 will follow that, which I'm very much looking forward to doing. It's like the completion of an epic journey. Then I'm back with Steven Spielberg for the fourth Indiana Jones, an exciting project that seems to have attracted incredible interest. Steven has also expressed his desire for me to score the next Jurassic Park film, which he is developing presently. It's a genre I would just adore to revisit, so I'll do my best to be available for it.

Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring: Last Saturday New Line Cinema held a special screening for the extended edition DVD for all the LOTR fansites out there that could attend. Our good friends at War Of The attended the event and were kind enough to post their review here at Lights Out.

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Star Trek: Nemesis:Trek News has posted the largest gallery of stills to date from the upcoming Star Trek movie, Nemesis. Get your German hats on and CLICK HERE

In addition, ZEntertainment has posted a rumor about a possible new Star Trek series...CLICK HERE for details.

Bitten:Variety reports that Angelina Jolie is being attached to Warner Bros. adaptation of the Kelly Armstrong Novel, "Bitten" where she will star as a female werewolf.

Gangs of New York:Dark Horizons scored this Japanese promo flyer for Martin Scorscese's Gangs of New York: javascript:;|CLICK HERE

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines:The Arnold Fans have scored a shot list of a bathroom brawl in the new Terminator flick. CLICK HERE for the details!

Star Wars: How do you steal almost half a million dollars in Star Wars "stuff"? Easy I guess. Check out this article at Marin County website which gives the full scoop of how an ex-Lucasfilm employee managed to do so. CLICK HERE

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