Matsushita is bringing something to the Blu-ray game.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that "Panasonic maker Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd." will "launch new Blu-ray optical disc recorders in November that allow more hours of full high-definition recording on a single disc than any others available."

The information was announced this past Tuesday "at the CEATEC Japan 2007 electronics industry trade show."

In addition to this, the company "plans to offer the world's first DVD recorders that can store full high-definition programs on conventional DVD discs next month."

Apparently, "Matsushita's new Blu-ray recorders, which are able to record up to 18 hours of full HD programs on a dual-layer disc, will go on sale on November 1 in Japan."

The price will be $2,600 for a unit "with a one-terabyte hard disk drive. The one-terabyte hard drive can store up to 381 hours of full HD programs."

The play is to "start selling three models of new DVD recorders capable of recording full HD programs on conventional DVD discs on Nov. 1."