While not much has been said about a fourth film centering on Matt Damon's Jason Bourne character, it seems that it is still in the works. Collider recently spoke with Damon, at a press conference for his new film The Informant!, and he revealed that he will be meeting with director Paul Greengrass about the fourth film, currently known only as Untitled Jason Bourne Project, in the next few weeks.

Collider: Everyone always asks about the Bourne franchise and you've been giving the same answer that it's all about the story - which by the way, all the fans of the franchise are loving that answer - but all of us are wondering how likely is it that you guys are going to do another film?

Matt: Look, it's a question I get a lot from people on the street and I was talking to Paul (Greengrass) and he gets the question a lot too, and he said, "that's the signal that we really should do another one. People want it." Also, we love the character and we would love to do another one. For us, that means reuniting with all of our friends who made the other movies and going on another round the world adventure again. So, personally, selfishly, we'd all really like to do it, but we are really serious about trying to get the story and the script right because the only thing more disappointing than not having another one of these movies is, for us or for movie fans is would be to make one that isn't good. Because everyone would say, "they should have quit after three". And we'd feel that way too.

Collider: Well I know Universal has had people writing scripts. Have you actually read the drafts that have been coming in?

Matt: Not yet. Paul finished cutting Green Zone except for some effects. It's coming out in March. He hasn't had a break literally since he did The Bourne Supremacy - which is six years ago now. So he was like I need to take a break...so he's been on vacation for about three weeks and he's going to take a few more and then he said he'd come to New York and we'd sit down and we'd talk seriously about it.

The site is also reporting that Damon may have an opening in 2010 to shoot this new film, but that information was unconfirmed at this time. CLICK HERE to read more on this new Bourne film.