Matt Damon and George Clooney appeared on Good Morning America on Monday morning to discuss Harvey Weinstein and what they knew of the man that has now been labeled a monster. There have been many stories written about the accusations against Weinstein, with more than one person in Hollywood claiming that everybody knew about the Hollywood mogul's actions for years, but never spoke up. Producer/screenwriter Scott Rosenberg recently came out and said that the entire entertainment industry has known about Harvey Weinstein's sexual predatory behavior, but looked away to prevent from stopping the party. Matt Damon and George Clooney have now broken their silence and claim that they didn't know about all of the accusations surrounding Weinstein.

Two weeks after proclaiming that he had no idea that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted women, Matt Damon claimed that everybody knew that Harvey Weinstein was an "asshole" and a bully, but not everybody knew about the sexual assault accusations that have recently become public knowledge. Damon said that the bully aspect was a part of the legend of Harvey Weinstein. Damon explains.

"That was his legend; that was his whole M.O.: Could you survive a meeting with Harvey?"

George Clooney and Matt Damon were on Good Morning America to promote and discuss Suburbicon, but the questioning inevitably went to the Weinstein allegations and the duo's knowledge of them. Matt Damon defended his time working with Harvey Weinstein by echoing what many have recently said. The actor had this to say.

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"People who worked for him were, like, 'I'm coming to make good movies'. Miramax was the place making great stuff in the 90s."

Damon also admitted Monday that he did know about one incident involving Gwyneth Paltrow that has since made headlines. And that his good buddy Ben Affleck told him. Damon Claims that Paltrow was the queen of Miramax and Weinstein treated her with respect after their altercation.

George Clooney said it was beyond infuriating that Harvey Weinstein was silencing women, but thinks the scandal will finally shut down the infamous casting couch...If Hollywood reacts in the right way. Clooney said, "It's not a witch hunt to these women. That's not a witch hunt; that's an assault." George Clooney went on to say that the expelling of Weinstein was "long overdue" and hopes that the allegations will lead to a "massive, systematic change." Damon continued on Clooney's thought and had this to say.

"I really do believe there is going to be major change. There won't be this type of behavior anymore."

Harvey Weinstein is in the eye of the hurricane at the moment after completing one week of sexual addiction rehab in Arizona and leaving on Saturday. Weinstein lived in a hotel there and only attended the outpatient treatment, but will remain to see doctors from now on. It has been reported that Weinstein will stay out in Arizona to work with his doctors through intensive therapy. The mystery still goes on whether who knew what about the sexual predatory actions of Harvey Weinstein, but one thing is certain: Everybody knew he was an asshole. You can check out the interview with George Clooney and Matt Damon below, courtesy of Good Morning America's Twitter account.

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