Matt Damon chatted with 24 Frames to promote the pandemic thriller Contagion, which is filming in Chicago, and the actor he is trying to enjoy every second with the film's director, Steven Soderbergh, because the director hopes to retire soon.

"He's retiring, he's been talking about it for years and it's getting closer," Damon said of Soderbergh. "He wants to paint and he says he's still young enough to have another career. He's kind of exhausted with everything that interested him in terms of form. He's not interested in telling stories. Cinema interested him in terms of form and that's it. He says, 'If I see another over-the-shoulder shot, I'm going to blow my brains out.' "

"After this movie we're doing 'Liberace' next summer with Michael Douglas, and then he might do one more movie after that with George Clooney, and then after that he's retiring."

"After I worked with Clint [Eastwood] I went back and said, 'Look, Clint is having a blast and he's going to be 80 years old.' And Steven says back, 'Yeah, but he's a storyteller and I'm not,'" Damon recounted. "If you're an actor or a writer or someone working in film, it's such a waste. For me, I'm going to spend the next 40 years trying to become a great director and I will never reach what he's reached. And he's walking away from it."

Steven Soderbergh has quite the wrap sheet: Erin Brockovich, Ocean's Eleven, Traffic and The Informant!. While this could be a hoax or publicity stunt, Steven Soderbergh has gone on the record also saying he wants to retire sooner than later.