Recently, Empire Online, spoke with Matt Damon who had just won an “Empire Award” for his role in The Bourne Supremacy, at their very own awards shindig.

Damon had this to say about the role of assassin/everyman Jason Bourne,

"It's all character and it's not about gadgets and slick storytelling. It's things that people can connect to, emotionally. The guy's had some fucked-up things happen to him, you know what I mean? So he's kind of an anti-hero in that way. But he's done some horrible things, too. I like that, because you don't see that in Hollywood movies a lot.”

The second film saw Bourne finally take possession of his real identity which will invariably lead to more adventures. So when might we see this character back on the big screen?

"We'll probably do that in about a year and a half. We're all signed on in principle, in the sense that we've all agreed that we want to do it, but we're not going to do it unless we have a great script. It's ours to lose at the minute, and if we do make a third one, we want to make it as good as the first two. And if we can't do that, then we're going to have to let it drop."

The original Bourne Ultimatum saw Bourne finally face off against long-time nemesis, Carlos the Jackal - a character excised from Doug Liman's, The Bourne Identity and therefore not available for the third film.

"Yeah, all that stuff with Carlos being actually caught. It's kind of a Cold War story. We're essentially retaining the title, so it's going to be called The Bourne Ultimatum. But we don't know at this point what the hell that means! So if you have any ideas for a script, then please..."