Tough Guy: The True Story of 'Crazy' Eddie Maloney: MGM has acquired rights to a biopic of New York mobster Eddie Maloney, says Variety. Matt Dillon will produce and star in the the film. He is developing the script with screenwriter Mike Jones. It's based, in part, on Maloney's autobiography Tough Guy: The True Story of 'Crazy' Eddie Maloney.

Maloney was a flinty career criminal who survived multiple assassination attempts. Orphaned as a child, he did stretches in prison for jewelry heists and specialized in kidnapping mob bosses before becoming an informant for the FBI and a witness at the trial of John Gotti.

"The thing that appealed to me is that he never had a choice," Dillon said. "He was thrown away at a very early age." The film, he said, "is a story about betrayal." Maloney "still holds to this criminal code -- a code among criminals," Jones added, "which in my research is really rare."

According to MGM, a budget and start date won't be clear until the script is completed.