While work on Witchblade was supposed to begin in September of 2008, production never actually began. Curious about this, Newsarama spoke to Top Cow Production's Matt Hawkins where he discussed where the film currently stands.

Hawkins said:

The best laid plans of mice and men! I could sit back and blame everything on the economy and it would of course be believable...but not true. We simply do not yet have a script yet that we all like. We had a window to go into production that has clearly passed but the project is very much alive and kicking. I don't think I'll lay out any dates at this point given the delays but we're in the process of working with a new writer.

Ultimately Witchblade is a very important project for Top Cow and to date we've had successful and critically lauded turns in both live action TV and anime. We'd rather there not be a live-action film than have one we're not proud of and 100% behind.

Having said that, we're working on it. I should follow my own advice and not give dates on stuff, but if we had a script that we all liked we had the financing to make the film in that window. We still have all the elements for production with the money being the most crucial, but we need a script!

Hawkins went on to say that, best-case scenario would have production beginning at the end of this year, but stated that was overly optimistic when they don't have a script in place.

Hawkins also offered up the following observation about superhero films and comic-based films in Hollywood today. "There is an amusing distinction between a "comic book" movie and a "graphic novel" movie with the former being your popcorn film and the latter having more critical and intellectual credibility. It's all BS in my opinion, but whatever." He continued, saying "I think comic books still get categorized unfairly but for now that's working to our advantage. The difference in Q2 2009 and Q2 2008 is that the studios have cut their development budgets and a lot of the cheap option deals that were getting tossed around aren't there anymore. There used to be projects bought all the time that whatever producer/studio had no interest in making but to get them either off the market or to prevent someone else from making them. This could be a defensive move to prevent a potentially similar film from going into development or just hubris, who knows."

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The story of the Witchblade involves a jewel-covered gauntlet that gives superhuman power to its' chosen wearer - one woman in each generation. Based on a comic written by Marc Silvestri, the series has sold more than 100 million copies since its 1995 debut, and has previously been adapted to a series on TNT that ran for two seasons, as well as an animated series in Japan.