October is breast cancer awareness month and Lifetime TV's contribution to the cause is this original movie about a professional woman who is trying to put her life back together after she is diagnosed with breast cancer. This story is based on actual breast cancer survivors and comes from the book Up Front by Linda Dackman, who is herself a cancer survivor.

Linda (Ricki Lake) is a single woman in Boston who manages an art gallery. She has a picture perfect life, no pun intended. She feels confident and looks forward to discovering more about life and herself. But then she is diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoes a mastectomy. This throws her for a loop and she doesn't know how to cope with her feelings about dealing with other people and especially men. Will she ever be loved again? Will she ever date again? And if so, when is the appropriate time to tell her partner about her illness?

With the support of her best friend and mother, Linda has a comfort zone, but her anger rages. After all, neither of these women has experienced what she is going through. So she seeks out a cancer support group and meets Nicole (Holly Robinson Peete) whom she knew when she was eleven years old. With the help of others who have gone through and are going through what she is, Linda learns she is not the only woman with the fears and trepidations about dating after breast cancer.

Lifetime TV is promoting early detection, health care, and support for women with breast cancer. Nicole didn't have medical insurance so she experienced a "drive-through" mastectomy. She was released from the hospital the day following her major surgery. This film brings to light the many aspects of the disease as well as the encouraging ways to deal with it.

This movie is the centerpiece of Lifetime's 13th annual multi-platform Stop Breast Cancer for Life public service and advocacy campaign. Matters of Life and Dating premiers October 22 at 9 PM.