Strangers With Candy: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker aren't afraid of Strangers With Candy. The couple have agreed to star in a feature film based on the Comedy Central series, their respective reps have confirmed. Their attachment comes as a result of a close friendship with Amy Sedaris, the co-creator and star of the cult series.

There is no formal deal for Broderick and Parker, and it is still unclear what characters they will be playing. Filming of the project is set to start in June in New York City.

The film is a dark satire of moralistic afterschool specials starring Sedaris as Jerri, a frumpy and unattractive outcast who returned to high school after 30 years of hard living on the streets and in prison. However, the rough times don't end at school as, while trying to shed her immoral past, she's forced to mix and mingle with kids who are hipper, more beautiful and more popular than she is.