ABC Studios has given Lost star Matthew Fox a raise in salary to continue his Jack Shephard role in the ABC drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, under the pact reached earlier this summer, Fox is expected to be earning about $225,000 per episode, up from the roughly $150,000 he most recently made.

The raise puts Fox on par with the stars of Desperate Housewives, the other ABC/ABC Studios breakout hit of fall 2005. The leading ladies of Wisteria Lane also are said to be making $225,000 an episode.

The rest of Lost core cast are in the process of renegotiating their deals.

Despite the ensemble nature of Lost, which starts production on its fifth season Monday, Fox has been considered the lead on the Emmy-winning series.

When the cast received their first significant raises in January 2006, all actors were brought up to about $80,000 an episode, with Fox getting an extra bonus of at least $250,000.