Wanna watch Matthew McConaughey deliver turkeys to fans on his birthday? We've got you covered. The Oscar-winning actor spent his 48th birthday over the weekend hitting the streets of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky to do some good, as opposed to celebrating in the way one might expect a Hollywood celebrity would. McConaughey spent a chunk of the day personally delivering turkeys to families in Lawrenceburg for Thanksgiving.

Some of the event was documented via a video that was posted to Matthew McConaughey's Facebook page. In the video, we see the 48-year-old actor walking up to a house full unsuspecting women, who are self-proclaimed "hot mamas." He then proceeds to knock on the door and deliver them a turkey for Thanksgiving. To say the least, they were all quite surprised, with one summing the whole thing up by saying, "It's a sexy man carrying a turkey!" Many commenters commended McConaughey for his efforts.

"See this is why I love you Matthew. You are such a humble soul. Thank you for what you are doing. 4500 Turkeys. All the best to your family. "

While Matthew McConaughey was doing some good here, it wasn't totally his idea. This was done as part of an early Thanksgiving initiative organized by Wild Turkey Bourbon, a company that the actor is a spokesperson for. The company delivered 4,500 turkeys to Kentucky residents and, a certain lucky few got those turkeys from the star of Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective. However, some felt the good deed may have been a bit misguided.

"Yes, it's great, he's giving, however, by the look of those houses, I'm sure there are others in much more need of food. JS!!"

Several commenters looked at the houses these turkeys were being delivered to and made it clear they felt those getting these turkeys weren't, perhaps, the most deserving. One person voiced their concern saying, "They don't look like they need a turkey or anything from the looks of it!! I thought he was going to real families in need." However, Cheryl Taylor, the Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Wild Turkey Distillery, got wind of the negative feedback and had this to say.

"We gave a turkey to every single resident of Lawrenceburg. No shaming anyone. People need to be less judgmental please."

So Matthew McConaughey wasn't delivering turkeys to those who didn't necessarily need them. Wild Turkey was kind enough to give everyone a turkey and he was just doing his part to help out. The fact that the guy would take the time to do something like this at all, on his birthday no less, is pretty admirable. While you wait to check out McConaughey in movies like White Boy Rick and Serenity next year, be sure to check out the Facebook Live video of him delivering turkeys for yourself below.

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