All right, all right all right; Matthew McConaughey might indeed return to one of his earlier films for a sequel. MTV Movies Blog caught up with McConaughey, who revealed he's been talking with Dazed and Confused director Richard Linklater to return for a sequel to the 1993 film.

"That's a very precious subject, that movie," says with a smile, "We made such a gem... I've had loose discussions about what would be the next [in]carnation of a Dazed and Confused... [Linklater is] not going to do it unless it's done the right way. It's a good idea, but he's gotta pick the right way to do it."
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McConaughey also added that he'd like to see the cast of the original return for the sequel as well.

"You've gotta bring back certain cast members. I'd love to see what they're all doing today. I'd love to see what they're all doing ten years later. It came out in what, 92? I'd love to say it's 1992...David Wooderson may have a few kids. Running a community radio station. I don't know."

We'll certainly keep you posted on any updated surrounding a Dazed and Confused sequel as soon as more information is available. CLICK HERE to read more about McConaughey's thoughts on the sequel.