When it comes to actors, few have as impressive a resume as Oscar-winning thespian Matthew McConaughey. Ever since his breakout role in Dazed and Confused, McConaughey has gone from strength to strength, from rom-coms to action blockbusters to gritty indie dramas. The actor has now started his own YouTube page on which he expounds on various topics from time to time. McConaughey recently posted a new video on his page where he spoke about his acting process and the importance of approaching the script from different emotional vantage points.

"The question I get asked most often and I think most actors get is 'How do you remember all those lines?' And I'm always like, 'Well, you don't try to remember all the lines.' You look at what's on the text. First, you read it and you try to understand it. You read it again. Me, I read it after a run when my endorphins are flying, I read it late Saturday night when I've got a good buzz going, I read it right after church when I'm in a forgiving mood. I'll read it when I'm mad, sad, glad, happy, excited -- many different places where I am personally, I'll read a script. That means I'll have a different look at the same scenes, because I'm in a different place."
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Clearly, McConaughey sets a great deal of store by the intended emotions of a scene in the script, rather than just focusing on memorizing the written words. This would also explain his elasticity when it comes to fitting different genres of film, from romance to drama, to comedy and action, and the different styles of tone and emotion they all require.

The actor goes on to explain that the process of turning the script around in his head continues for a long time, so that he can create a vision for the character in his head from an emotional perspective, and not get locked into whatever actions the script wants him to perform.

"I gather all that for weeks if not months before I start really locking in and making decisions about what my character might or might not do. My 'truths of my man,' as I call it. You have to watch in a script to not grab a hold of things you want to take too literally, too early. You don't want to get bound to anything."

McConaughey's tips on acting seem to be well-appreciated by his followers, who replied in the comments section of the video begging him to make more such content on his acting process. Aside from growing his YouTube following, the actor is also keeping up with his film and television obligations.

McConaughey was last seen onscreen in 2019's Guy Ritchie action-comedy movie The Gentleman. He will next provide his voice for the role of Buster Moon in Sing 2, which will see the veteran actor play the part of an aspiring singer. The movie, which also stars Scarlett Johansson and Taron Egerton, is set to release in December this year.