Matthew Modine has a small role as Nixon in The Dark Knight Rises, and while we know that this character works for the Gotham City Police Department, we do not yet know what his motives are, or if he is a villain in disguise. Not only is Matthew Modine appearing in this final chapter of Christopher Nolan's Batman saga, but his son is also working on the film as part of the visual effects department.

Matthew recently appeared on a local radio station, where he was quizzed about his participation in The Dark Knight Rises. You can watch the video clip below, and then read on for his comments.

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About working on the movie, Matthew Modine had this to say.

"Everyday, when you came to work, it was like...Who is going to be on set today? That was a great pleasure. And Christopher Nolan is arguably one of the most innovative, brilliant filmmakers in the business today. He is a genius."

Matthew Modine remained resilient in refusing to talk about his character, Nixon, in any detail, instead offering a story about seeing Christian Bale without his bat cowl on set.

"I'm not allowed to discuss the contents of that. You are not going to make me. I had to sign three non-disclosure agreements saying that I would not discuss my character, the script, or the events that happened on the set. It was a really fun shoot. I did see Christian Bale on set without his Bat cowl. So I am discussing something...He took it off, and his eyes were painted like a raccoon. He said, "I'm gong to have to kill you know that you've seen me without my hat on." Christian Bale was really cool. He is a real gentlemen and a pleasure to work with."

Finally, Matthew Modine explained as best as he could, without revealing too much of the story, why he thinks The Dark Knight Rises is different from the previous two films.

"First of all, because it's the last one. Christian Bale is not going to dress up like Batman anymore. Christopher Nolan is not going to direct any more Batman movies. So I think this is really special for this group of people. Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman. Michael Caine. They are all hanging up their costumes on this one. This is the last one. That made it special. I have worked with some amazing directors. Ever director is given the same equipment to make a film. The same camera, the same lights...Its extraordinary how some directors are able to take that equipment and do something extraordinary with it. Something that is beautiful. Something that transcends imagination and time, to become something that transcends film history. Other people take the same equipment and make something that is flat, and uninteresting, and not compelling. I asked Christopher, "What is it that happens?" He said to me, "I have no idea." He said that he'd never made a bad movie, yet, thank goodness. But he wondered if, one day, when he was watching his dallies, if he would recognize he was making a bad movie. If it would become obvious that you'd self-diluted yourself, and you think everything you do is wonderful. I think you do know. I think you know when you've captured lightening in a bottle."