Move over, Thunder-god. Before Matthew Vaughn gets to work on writing and directing his adaptation of Marvel Comic's Thor, it seems he may be working on bringing Mark Millar's newest comic project Kick-Ass to the screen. Ain't It Cool News brings us the news that Vaughn and his writing partner Jane Goldman are working on the script right now.

The comic of Kick-Ass is only on it's second issue, and is being created by the team of Mark Millar (who also created the comic-book version of Wanted) and John Romita Jr. It seems likely that Millar will be speaking with Vaughn about where the comic is headed in order for the script to be developed.

Since Thor is repeatedly in a holding-pattern right now, and Millar's Wanted is heading to screens this summer, it seems likely that Kick-Ass will take priority for Vaughn.

Kick-Ass deals with a teenager in the "real world" whose obsession with superheroes causes him to begin self-training in order to become a costumed crime-fighter. Sadly, without any sort of superpowers or extra-normal training, reality hits the young kid, and the first issue ends with him stabbed and bleeding.