Fans can expect a lot from Thor it seems.

In a recent discussion with Empire Online, Thor director Matthew Vaughn dropped some hints about how this new cinematic incarnation might look.

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"They actually said to me, 'You are going to make Thor more macho? Right?' Well, don't worry - Thor's not going to be wearing a dress." Vaughn stated when discussing the character's seminal look.

"When I went into Marvel for my first X-Men meeting, I saw a figure on the desk and said 'are you guys are going to make Thor?' They said, 'We're just going to commission a script. We want to do it like Gladiator with Norse mythology and the birth of a superhero.'" The director said when discussing the genesis of this project. "That really stuck in my mind. And when Marvel saw Stardust, they asked me to do it. So here I am, back again and prepping Thor."

Lastly, "My only concern initially was that it's another fantasy film [after Stardust]," Vaughn offered. "But it's different in the sense that it's a superhero film set in the world of fantasy. You've got Thor and Odin and it's set in Asgard - it's not going to be like The Lord Of The Rings or even Narnia. I think it's important to keep it comic book. We're not doing the Thor of Norse mythology. We're doing the Marvel Thor."