Bright screenwriter Max Landis has been in the news quite a bit lately. Bright is getting torn apart by critics, with one review even calling it a "giant pile of orc sh!t" and now the young screenwriter is being publicly accused of sexual assault. As it turns out, 32-year old Landis has been accused of sexual misconduct over the years, but nobody ever came out and said his name. It has been a pretty big "open" secret in Hollywood that Max Landis was up to some alleged disgusting behavior. Neither Max or his father John Landis have yet to respond to the public accusations.

Late last week on Twitter, one of the actresses from Max Landis' hit YouTube video Wrestling Isn't Wrestling accused the creator of sexual assault. The accusation came in response to a Netflix tweet promoting the recent release of their original movie Bright, which was penned by Landis. Anna Akana, who played the female version of Batista in the Wrestling Isn't Wrestling video, responded to the Netflix promotion stating it was, "Written by a psychopath who sexually abuses and assaults women." Akana didn't divulge any further information, but it opened up the floodgates.

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It's important to note that these are unproven accusations at this time, but Anna Akana wasn't the only one who took to Twitter to speak out against Max Landis. Actor Jake Weisman, who stars in Comedy Central's Corporate, said that the young Landis was a "f$%!ing psychopath who is one of the worst people alive." Comedian Mike Drucker insinuated that the sexual assault accusations were true toward Landis, tweeting about how his father, John Landis, used his influence in Hollywood to cover up things that his son did.

Zoe Quinn, a prominent video game developer and artist, unleashed a Twitter thread directed at Max Landis that began with some particular harsh words for the screenwriter. Quinn then went on to address the issues with coming forward about the subject with such a prominent father. She had this to say.

"Sometimes men who commit sexual assault are talented screenwriters and their work comes with baggage. other times, they're Max Landis."

Quinn further alleged that Landis' abuse was an "open secret" in Hollywood, and that she'd been withholding the story for a while because "him & his dad are powerful figures." The story is unfortunately nothing new in the entertainment industry and is sadly one of the stories in the public eye at this time.

Max Landis' behavior has been rumored for years, but in early November, MAD magazine editor Allie Goertz sent out a cryptic tweet that read, "I can't imagine who is more scared in a post-Weinstein world than a famous director's son." The tweet is said to be a not so subtle jab at Landis, which was then backed up by Anna Akana, who responded by saying, "Believe you. Support you." Former BBC host and sketch-comedy writer Siobhan Thompson also responded to the tweets, saying, "I don't know who you mean but if that's true I bet I have several friends who have been sexually assaulted by him." This is a developing story, but for now, head over to The Daily Beast for more information on Max Landis' sexual assault allegations.