Over the weekend, Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis broke down the story that he had originally envisioned for Chronicle 2, less than a month after the writer revealed he is no longer attached to write the sequel.

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Max Landis talks his proposed story for Chronicle 2The screenwriter {4} to write the follow-up in March 2012, just one month after {5} opened in theaters. Then, in {6}, the writer's father, {7}, revealed that 20th Century Fox wasn't happy with his son's take on the sequel. {8} shot down the report in {9}, but these tweets seem to indicate that his father was right all along.

20th Century Fox has not brought on another writer for Chronicle 2 yet, and there is no director attached either since Chronicle director Josh Trank isn't coming back.

Chronicle starred Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan as three high school friends who make an amazing discovery during a party, which gives them all super-human abilities. It isn't known if the trio of actors are coming back for the sequel or not. The original movie took in $126.6 million worldwide from just a $12 million budget.