In what is being looked at as a very positive side effect for Visual Entertainment and Xenon Pictures, the May 1st "Day Without an Immigrant" boycott has prompted renewed interest in their film A Day Without a Mexican.

According to Home Media Retailing, the companies "discounted the $14.99 DVD to retailers at a 15% discount through May 5 (Cinco de Mayo)."

In addition to this, the DVD is "back among's Top 5-selling Latino-American DVDs."

The filmmakers Yareli Arizmendi who "co-wrote" the movie "with husband and director Sergio Arau - is receiving upwards of 100 e-mails daily with requests to re-release the film in theaters and screen it on university campuses and agricultural communities, and for other organizations."

When it was released theatrically in 2004 the movie grossed $10.1 million worldwide. On DVD it sold close to 500,000 copies.

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