Hello everyone! It's May! Why am I so excited you ask? Well, this might just be the absolute happiest month of the entire year of 2002! Let's take a look at what's in store for us this month:

Friday, May 3rd:Spider-man hits theaters nationwide! Some people have been waiting years for this movie to come to life and finally Sam Raimi was the one to do it! Spider-man is kicking off the summer blockbusters with a bang!

Also, on Friday, May 3rd another great piece of cinema is coming to theaters that shouldn't be overlooked! Deuces Wild, set in 1958 about rival neighborhoods in Brooklyn, this movie promises to be a grand event! Especially with a cast starring Stephen Dorff, Matt Dillion, and a special friend of Lights Out, Louis Lombardi!!! To find out more about Deuces Wild, watch this week's episode of javascript:;|Mushy's Movie Minute.

Oh yes...let's not forget about Woody Allen's Hollywood Ending!

Thursday, May 16th: How could anyone miss this? This is the day many of us have been waiting for.....drum roll.....STAR WARS: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones comes bashing through theaters with lightsabers swinging! We'll be documenting the whole event so stay tuned to our official Star Wars Hype! It's gonna be a blast!

Friday, May 17th:The Salton Sea hit theaters nationwide!

May 22nd - 24th: Lights Out Entertainment, UGO, & Abobo.com will be bringing you exclusive coverage from the floors of the gaming world at E3 2002! This could even mark the return of Lights Out fav, Droid! Details to come...

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Let's start the month of May with a bang! Mushy is back with the May edition of Mushy's Front Row Show, and boy are you in for a treat! CLICK HERE to experience the magic of the Mush!

(For those of you who have been wondering, Mushy's Front Row Show is now on a set schedule and will appear on the first of every month. You can bet on it with your offshore account!)

We've got tons of stuff planned this month, including some new features, Mushy LIVE! Anhedenia films and a lot more! So, as always...

Stay tuned...~Brian