After bringing in $81 million at the world wide box office, 20th Century Fox quickly announced the The Maze Runner sequel The Scorch Trials. While the sequel will not hit theaters for another year, the studio has released the first official concept art featuring an urban cityscape in ruin. This same art, as you may remember, was revealed this past summer at Comic-Con, but now we get an official hi-res look at it here:

<strong><strong><em>The Maze Runner</em></strong>: The Scorch Trials</em></strong> photo 1

The Maze Runner director Wes Ball will return to direct The Scorch Trials from a script by T.S. Nowlin, who co-wrote the first film with Noah Oppenheim and Grant Pierce Myers. No cast members are confirmed yet, but it seems likely that the main cast will return, including Dylan O'Brien, Aml Ameen, Ki Hong Lee, Blake Cooper, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Will Poulter and Kaya Scodelario.

The Scorch Trials begins where The Maze Runner ends. Thomas and the rest of the group's escape from the Maze and the horrifying creatures called Grievers has proven to be short-lived because WICKED, the group behind it all, has another trial in store for them. Sun flares have destroyed most of the Earth, and a virus called the Flare has ravaged its population. Infected people turn into zombies called Cranks that attack and eat one other. The kids are told that they have the Flare but if they succeed in surviving the second trial, they will be cured. With few supplies, they must travel across 100 miles of hot and scorched land within two weeks to reach a safe house to receive the cure. When Teresa, Thomas's best friend and the only girl in the group, disappears, and he loses the ability to communicate telepathically with her, he and the other guys determine to find her. As they trek across the barren desert encountering crazed Cranks, the teens' loyalty to one another and the group is tested.