New McDonald's ad uses a son grieving the loss of his father to sell you food. It's an original approach for a company that sells food that can actually kill someone and McDonald's has run into a bit of controversy over the incredibly insensitive commercial. What else are you supposed to do in the land of craft beers and artisan sandwich artists where McDonald's is trying to stay relevant? Apparently you make a commercial about an inept son wondering about his deceased father who died before he could know him. Hungry for some yummy McDonald's yet?

Hot after announcing their Star Wars Empire inspired new uniforms, McDonald's in the U.K. is bringing families together over a fish filet sandwich. The commercial begins as a kid is obviously going through a box of things that mean something to him. He then asks his annoyed mother to tell him about his father. She reluctantly obliges and they go for a walk. Mom reveals that Dad was a stud with the ladies, son not so much. Dad ruled at soccer, son can't even kick a ball. Dad had immaculate shoes, son can barely tie them. You get the picture. If you're going to commit to this insane premise, maybe don't make the son out to be a pathetic loser... just a thought.

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The sappy music is getting louder and you start to wonder if the kid is going to jump in front of a bus from feeling so crappy about himself, but soon mom and son are at the McDonald's sitting down to eat some delicious preservatives and wash it down with some diabetes. The son goes take a bite out of his fish filet sandwich and mom says that the boy's father always got that sandwich. The son is finally happy for the first time in the minute and half commercial. So the son may be a loser in all other aspects of his life, but he can sleep well at night because he and his father share the same taste in crappy food.

McDonald's has since pulled the commercial for obvious reasons. Apparently the ad received an explosion of complaints via phone and social media, promoting McDonald's to apologize and pull the commercial entirely from television screens. In a statement the McDonald's Restaurant chain claims that it was "by no means an intention of ours" to cause offense, adding that the ad was meant to "highlight the role McDonald's has played in our customers' everyday lives-both in good and difficult times." Luckily (or unluckily) the commercial will live forever thanks to YouTube.

Hopefully McDonald's has learned a valuable lesson about trying to sling crappy food by exploiting a child's grief over losing a parent. But I doubt it. It's hard to believe that the commercial is even real and not a joke, but even if it is a joke, it's a terrible one without a punch line. But if your are looking to consoled, head over to your nearest McDonald's, checkout the new uniforms, and cry into a box of chicken nuggets because above else, McDonald's cares about you. The commercial is provided in all of its glory below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick