Police in Ohio are looking for a man who pulled out a gun after being told by a McDonald's drive-thru employee that there were no Egg McMuffin sandwiches available. McDonald's has made the popular breakfast item available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week in select locations and it appears that this restaurant in Warren, Ohio does not participate in the all McMuffins all of the time promotion. The news comes after Burger King trolled McDonald's for Halloween, offering a free Whooper for the first 500 customers to come in dressed as a scary clown in a savage burn to Ronald McDonald.

Police say the incident occurred shortly after 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday at a McDonald's in Warren, which is about 60 miles southeast of Cleveland. The McDonald's employee told police that two men inside the car appeared to be around 20-years old. She went on to say that the driver called her a vulgar name after pulling out the gun and then cursed at her again before driving away. Warren police hoped to identify the men using surveillance video footage from the fast food restaurant, but the restaurant doesn't have any. So, if you're the Egg McMuffin addict, you may have just gotten away with your crime.

The aforementioned McDonald's restaurant more than likely starts their breakfast menu at 4 a.m., which is the norm for most McDonald's locations except for the franchises that run their breakfast menu all day. If this is the case, the armed McMuffin starved man only had to wait 30 minutes before getting his hands on the coveted Egg McMuffin. According to McDonald's there is no specific start time for breakfast and this varies for each branch, but they stop selling breakfast products promptly at 10:30 a.m.

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According to McDonald's, the breakfast items cook differently than the rest of their creations that sit under heat lamps all day long. Space in the kitchen has also been a point of contention in the restaurants, which makes one question how the franchises that offer the Egg McMuffin all day long pull it off. The amount of preservatives in both foods should allow the food-like substances to hang out all day without much of a problem. Police say the incident is one of the most unusual calls they have ever received. The Warren police department had this to say.

"We have had people upset in drive thrus before because their orders are messed up, but I don't remember anyone pulling a gun because they couldn't get a sandwich they wanted."

In all seriousness, the police department wants to find the McMuffin bandits in an effort to get the gun off of the street. It's unclear if this particular McDonald's will start to serve Egg McMuffins all day long, but they really should. Let the people who need that 3:30 a.m. breakfast sandwich that they crave. You can read more about the armed Egg McMuffin craving man via Fox News.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick