Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced today its global partnership with McFarlane Toys to introduce an all-new line of action figures based on characters from the hugely successful Hanna-BarberaTM library. This new range of action figures will be available at retail outlets worldwide beginning in the summer and continuing through the fall of 2006.

McFarlane Toys, well known for its enormously successful action figure collaborations with blockbuster entertainment and pop-culture properties, will bring classic Hanna-Barbera characters to life in 3D replicas, capturing many of the favorite legendary and iconic moments from the property's rich history. The suggested retail prices in the U.S. will be approximately $12.00 for individual pieces and box sets will retail for around $22.00. McFarlane will initially concentrate on such characters as Fred Flintstone, Tom and Jerry and Quickdraw McGraw. More great Hanna-Barbera characters will follow.

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"Hanna-Barbera is a legendary animation brand around the world, with classic appeal to both current fans and upcoming generations," said Karen McTier, Executive Vice President of Domestic Licensing and Worldwide Marketing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. "McFarlane Toys understands the distinctive charm of this property and its characters and will no doubt translate that into a product line that captures a creative essence and imagination."

"I believe the nature of the Hanna-Barbera brand will allow us to bring to life a wonderful new world of action figures, which will be embraced by collectors and fans alike," said Todd McFarlane, CEO and Spawn creator, McFarlane Toys. "We will be utilizing the full range of McFarlane talent for this collection and applying our characteristic style and finesse to the timeless Hanna-Barbera characters."

Hanna-Barbera is the ultimate collection of animated characters under one widely known umbrella brand. This collection has something for everyone – pic-a-nic basket stealing bears, families of the future, families of the past, theatrical pink lions, cats chasing mice, mice chasing cats, super hero ants, super-spy extraordinaire squirrels – and many more wacky characters.