The McDonald's Monopoly game scandal is analyzed in the McMillions documentary series from HBO. The in-depth series takes a look at the decade-long scandal and how it affected those of whom were involved. The golden arches has been the subject of a number of documentaries over the years taking a look at different aspects of, arguably, the biggest fast food chain in the world. 2016's The Founder even found Michael Keaton starring as American fast-food tycoon Ray Kroc and his creation of McDonald's.

The McMillions documentary series chronicles the stranger-than-fiction story of an ex-cop turned security auditor who rigged the McDonald's Monopoly game promotion for a decade, stealing millions of dollars and creating a huge network of co-conspirators across the United States. The series draws on exclusive firsthand accounts and archival footage, featuring the FBI agents who brought down the gaming scam, McDonald's corporate executives, who were themselves defrauded, the lawyers who tried the case, and the culprits and prizewinners who profited from the complicated scheme, along with the individuals who were often unwittingly duped into being a part of the ruse.

McDonald's fast food restaurant has been doing their annual Monopoly promotion for decades now. Players are able to buy certain menu items, which earn them Monopoly pieces. Most of them are instant win pieces, which usually offer free McDonald's food or smaller prizes. It was pretty rare for someone to get the $1 million prize or the new car, or even a vacation. However, as McMillions uncovers, the game was being rigged by a former police officer known as Uncle Jerry.

Jerome Jacobson, aka Uncle Jerry, stole more than $24 million from McDonald's using an elaborate network that took advantage of the fast-food franchise's popular Monopoly game. Jacobson worked for Simon Marketing as the head of security and he was in charge of distributing McDonald's Monopoly prizes. This is how he was able to take advantage of the system, bringing in an elaborate team of winners, who he would dole out prizes to. All he needed in exchange was a cut of the earnings. As McMillions shows, it wasn't all good times and parties for the people who worked with Jacobson, many of which had no idea what was really going on behind-the-scenes.

McMillions comes from Unrealistic Ideas, the non-scripted production company launched by Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, Archie Gips. The documentary series is directed by James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte. The series is made up of six episodes and premieres on February 3rd. While the scandal has mostly flown under the radar, Ben Affleck wanted to make a movie about it back in 2018 with Matt Damon starring. It's unclear if that project will see the light of day after the release of McMillions telling the crazy story. You can check out the trailer above, thanks to the HBO YouTube channel.

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