The latest edition is here to take on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in honor of its landmark 300th episode. The Screen Junkies gang has taken on various movies set within the MCU before, such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity War and, most recently, Captain Marvel. This time around, they've left no stone unturned in their journey to, with equal parts love and truthfulness, send up the most popular brand in cinematic entertainment.

First off, the episode is much longer than the usual installments, clocking in at a little over nine minutes. But that gives them plenty of time to, rather thoroughly, go through the history of this cinematic journey and tackle each and every major issue with it. To start, they give a little history lesson which, for those who don't know, involved Marvel selling off the rights to their most popular characters to several Hollywood studios, leaving them with characters like Iron Man and Thor who, prior to 2008, were considered B-listers. Ah, how things have changed. Kevin Feige, now president of Marvel Studios, managed to take those characters and turn them into a cinematic universe that was worth $4 billion to Disney. The rest, as they say, is history.

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But even the most successful thing in pop culture isn't without its problems. The Honest Trailer gang rightfully points out that this is, essentially, a TV series about comic books that just so happens to take place on the big screen. They also point out common tropes, such as magic and science being one and the same, protagonists being loners and ever-changing hairstyles. The video also takes a good chunk of time going over the MCU's villain problem. Even the most die-hard fans are able to admit that many villains, save for Loki and Thanos, are a bit lackluster.

They also point out that dads are actually the bad guys for many of our protagonists in a particularly entertaining section. It's worth mentioning that they don't dig into Avengers: Endgame here, as they're surely going to save that beast for its own video down the line. But they do dedicate a solid amount of time to Thanos and his quest to gather the Infinity Stones, which led us to last year's record-breaking Infinity War. They even manage to poke some fun at themselves, acknowledging that they wouldn't have had nearly as much success with Honest Trailers, were it not for the MCU.

To date, the 22 movies that make up the MCU (so far) have grossed a grand total of $21.4 billion globally. As such, every studio in town has tried to emulate that success, with the DCEU, MonsterVerse, The Conjuring universe and Dark Universe all trying their best. Yet, as is pointed out here, nobody has even come close. As fun as it may be to pick this franchise apart, it's success is undeniable and it has, for better or for worse, totally reshaped the industry. Be sure to check out the MCU Honest Trailers episode from the Screen Junkies YouTube channel for yourself.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott