Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe better than the DC Extended Universe? A new video answers that question in a logical and serious manner, carefully noting mistakes that both studios have made in the past. However, the video is all about one man's opinion. There will be fans who will agree with what the video says and there will obviously be people who do not agree at all with this opinion. That being said, this particular opinion sides with the MCU and it's mainly for the action set pieces that Marvel Studios seems to pull off so well.

YouTuber Evan Puschak is the man behind the video. He touches on the idea of superhero fatigue for a moment before revealing that he wished these movies were around when he was a kid. It's here that Puschak says that he grew up on DC comics, not Marvel, before going on throw his theory out there. He believes that the MCU is far superior to the DCEU for a number of reasons, but the action scenes are the main thing that the MCU nails, while the DCEU films seem to fall flat.

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One of more obvious ways is in the physics. According to Evan Puschak, the MCU is able to pull off more realistic fight scenes, even when the superheroes are doing unbelievable things. There are many variables to this use of physics and much of it has to do with camera angles and movement. The MCU is based in reality while the DCEU looks a bit ridiculous and over the top in the comparison videos that Puschak uses for his examples. When Iron Man flies, it looks as if Tony Stark's tech is actually working, even though he should have died multiple times by these same laws of physics from crashing into things. While on the other hand, Superman looks fantastical and less realistic, which of course comes down to personal preference.

The DCEU's use of "ridiculous camera angles" doesn't help their cause in the action sequence department either. But one of the main reasons that the MCU comes out on top, is due to the way that they punctuate and interrupt action scenes. The dramatic pauses are often used to throw in a joke to break up the seriousness going on, but they are very effective. The DCEU having Aquaman shout "yeah!" or "O-Right," cheapens the film and more importantly, misses a step during the action.

Evan Puschak goes even more in depth for the 7-minute video to state his case. He admits that there are faults in the MCU movies as well, but they just end up pulling everything off in a better way. The use of color filters and weird CGI characters in the DCEU is also brought up, which has been covered extensively since Justice League came out. Everybody will have their own opinion on the MCU vs. DCEU discussion, but there are some valid points in the video that are worth considering. You can watch the video below, thanks to NerdWriter1's YouTube channel.