Lindsay Lohan is super serious when she says she wants to make Mean Girls 3, a true follow-up to the original blockbuster comedy. So serious, in fact, she has personally reached out to superstar Emma Stone in hopes of forming an unstoppable comedy duo the likes of which the world has never seen. As it stands, Emma Stone has not yet gotten back to the former teen actress who went off the rails a few years ago, and has been struggling to stay in the spotlight ever since.

Will Mean Girls 3 ever really get made? Who knows. There was a sequel to the 2004 smash hit comedy from Tina Fey. But most of the participants from the initial outing stayed away from that direct to video low budget rehash. Now, Lindsay Lohan is hoping to recapture some of her former glory with a true in-theater experience. And before hitting up Emma Stone, she also contacted Tina Fey. We're not sure where Tina stands at the moment.

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Lindsay Lohan made viral headlines all across social media a few years ago when she asked a most serious question, "What is Emma Stone?" This wasn't a takedown of the actress. Actually, no one is really sure what the droll Tweet was supposed to mean at the time. But Emma Stone apparently didn't take the joke to heart. Lohan has tried to do some backpedaling since then. And now she has reached out to Stone via Instagram. This time, the question was much more flattering.

Emma Stone has been on the awards circuit the past couple of years, getting nominated for Birdman and winning accolades for La La Land. Would she seriously follow all of that hard work up with Mean Girls 3? Lindsay Lohan sure hopes so. Lindsay asks ever so subtly.

"My birthday #trump tweet - Emma stone.. can we film a movie called "Mean girls 2" together? I think we would be friends."

Lohan's tweet was soon deleted, just a whisper in the wind. But quite a few fans captured it before it was gone. While the intentions were clear, what isn't so obvious is why this seemingly innocent tweet was taken down. Lindsay Lohan seems to be trying to make amends through social media after throwing quite a hate party over the last couple of years. She also recently asked Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to join her in Mykonos for her private birthday party weekend. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Emma Stone sounds like one amazing Mean Girls 3 cast. And no matter how good it turned out to be, you know it would get watched, a lot.

We also kind of like the idea of a horror movie set in Mykonos where a former teen superstar invites some of her old rivals and some of the fresh young Hollywood talent out for a nice party, then starts knocking them off one by one Jason style. That, in itself, could make for one killer movie. Will Mean Girls 3 really happen? We sure hope so. It sounds like it could actually be quite amazing if done right.