The Good

Patricia Arquette is back at full speed in the role of Allison Dubois.

The Bad

3D doesn't seem to work on the big screen or in movie theaters.

Medium: The Complete Second Season continues the story of Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette; but the show is actually based on a real person), a woman who uses her extrasensory powers of perception to be able to solve crimes, and commune with the dead (among other things). While I was surprised at the somewhat harrowing nature of this show (especially for network TV), I was also very much taken with how much humanity Allison has. Having to somehow manage family life with the work that she does, and her daughter Ariel who is starting to show signs of having powers herself, Allison seems highly multi-dimensional. All of this works well to make the subject matter fire on all cylinders because the scariest types of horror is that that seems like it could be happening in your backyard.

The season opens with "When Push Comes to Shove: Part 2" which surely must have been a nail biting cliffhanger for those that are following this show. My favorite episode was easily "The Reckoning" because who in their lifetime hasn't had a dream that they've hit someone? And then there's the "Death Takes A Policy" episode in which Allison gets some very disturbing messages. The biggest reason why I liked this show is that it legitimately puts our main character in danger. I never felt that Patricia Arquette was totally safe. The only thing she seems to have on her side is her power and her family. This makes Medium: The Complete Second Season play closer to the bone than many other shows of this nature.


The Story of Medium, Season 2

This featurette examines the show from where it left off in the first season. I have noticed that more TV on DVD sets are doing this, and I really think that this is a good idea. I know that most people who are buying these sets probably already own the first season, or are very familiar with the show. Still, I think it's nice to be oriented with the plot, characters, and storylines and that all takes place here. So, if you are familiar with Medium you get a refresher, if you aren't you get information that helps this show make sense.

Gag Reel

Medium In Another Dimension

The making of the 3D episode "Still Life" is on display here (yes, they even provide us with 3D glasses). I was really excited to view this because I have always been fascinated by 3D, but almost every film I have seen has left me wanting (or with a headache). Here we get to see the break down of how this show was shot specifically with 3D in mind it seems, and then how the image was reworked to make it play in the medium of 3D. All in all, one of the better featurettes in this packed set.

A Day In The Life of the Dubois Daughters

The Museum of Television & Radio Q&A

Cast members and others in the Medium camp discuss what it is like making on this show. What interested me more than anything was when they talked about the stories. It just fascinates me that they are able to come up with 22 episodes for a show like this. While it seems that Medium isn't much different than other crime laden vehicles like Columbo, make no mistake about it, these kinds of shows have as many twist and turns as feature length movies.

Commentary Tracks

We can hear commentaries for the following episodes: "Time Out of Mind" with Glenn Gordon Caron, Jessica Kender, and Robert Doherty. "Too Close to Call" with Rene Echevarria and Miguel Sandoval. "Still Life 3D" with Caron and Ronald L. Schwary. Lastly, "Doctor's Orders" with Rene Echevarria and Mark Sheppard. I decided to listen to "Still Life 3D" because I wanted to hear if the creator of this show (Caron) and the director (Schwary) would admit that it just doesn't look that good. No such luck. These two seem to talk around that while actually finding some good things to say. They also discuss the usual things like the actors, story, etc..


Aspect Ratio - 1.78:1. This show was a little too effects laden in parts but other than that I really didn't have a problem with it. Where things got tough for me was with the 3D episode. I go into every 3D experience expecting to be blown away. When it starts is when the images look their best, but then it seems like either A) my eyes adjust or B) the 3D just isn't kept up throughout the episode or movie. So, what we end up having is a multicolored movie or TV show that might have been better off not being put into that format at all.


English Dolby Digital - 5.1. Spanish Dolby Digital - 2.0 Surround. I thought the soundtrack was okay. Audiowise everything was leveled fine, but my biggest bone of contention was with the soundtrack itself. I just find that music on TV is often too foreboding. It lets us know too early on that something bad is going to occur. Medium is one of those shows that relies heavily on the characters, because without them the stories would play is pure camp.


The front cover of Medium: The Complete Second Season features Patricia Arquette amidst what look like blue drapes. Behind her is a lurking figure of sorts (it seems like it could be ghost or a space alien). The back portion of this disc gives us some images from the show, a description of what it's about, a Special Features listing, and technical specs. Comprised of 6 discs, this set is pretty well organized with only the commentary tracks being the features to be negotiated.

Final Word

It is awesome to see Patricia Arquette back in the spotlight again. For awhile in the 1990s she seemed to be catching fire with movies like Lost Highway and True Romance (Who wouldn't want a girlfriend like that?). Then she seemed to disappear for a number of years, only to resurface on this show. I have to admit her vanishing act was pretty smart because I feel it lends a certain mystery to her character. Even though she was working, I didn't see those performances so that makes her portrayal of Allison here take on a whole new light. Also, not seeing her face on every magazine plays into who she is as Allison as well.

While I don't know if you need to own this, I would certainly suggest following Medium: The Complete Second Season if you have already invested yourself in the first one.

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